our customer reviews

  •  When we had planned a trip from Mangalore to Kerala, we expected to be on a trip with utmost comfort and it indeed turned out to be the same as we were treated with the best residency at Broadbean. The added facilities like gym and yoga helped a big time in not changing the regular lifestyle and still being on a tour for the rest of the day. We are glad about the fact that we chose their services and even glad that they are spread out in Kerala in many districts. All the best to the reception team and best wishes to them.

    Ziana Khan
  • I was in Munnar with my family for a vacay and we had made all the bookings beforehand in which Broadbean was where we had made the bookings for our stay. To be frank, every facility provided to us was on point, where we did not have to go and ask them anything. The breakfast served was tasty and they made sure that breakfast was served to all the inmates where I felt like the customer service was on the top. The game facilities provided is quite good and the moon terrace was also a great place to be at in the resort. Keep it up!t

    Carol Fernandes
  •  Our honeymoon to Munnar turned to be the best trip for a lifetime and the most memorable where we sort the best possible facilities at the destination. And we are even delighted that we were imparted with a perfect honeymoon even in the resort we chose to stay wherein Broadbean was at our doorstep for all our requirements. The room service, as well as the cab service imparted to us, was of great help. We enjoyed being at their hospitality and look forward to suggesting them to all those looking out on really enjoying their stay at Munnar.

    Sushmitha Selvan
  • I and my family flew all the way to Kochi to attend a marriage function and we were hosted in solace at Broadbean where our stay, as well as the event, was conducted at. It is indeed one of the best in Kochi where spacious rooms had everything required. The room service was extremely good where they saw to it that they stored enough drinking bottles. Also, the ironing facility in the room was very helpful which is not quite available everywhere. We enjoyed our stay here and kudos to the staff and the hotel for their services

    Tulsi Dey