Fish with Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi

Fishing using the Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi is another one of a kind experience. It is a unique and unusual method of fishing. Chinese Fishing Nets are fixed land installations.

Better way operates Chinese fishing net and the transportation is also available.

Spend time with the most photographed sight in Kochi.

Distance from Broadbean : 60 Km

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda in Kerala is akin to gambling in Las Vegas, you just cannot miss it when visiting the destination. Ayurveda resorts dot the landscape of Kerala, offering various forms of natural treatment and rejuvenation. Take a break and get an Ayurveda massage from the experts when in Kerala. The experience is nothing short of divinity.

Natural body massage with herbal products

Special face massage with medicated oils.

Distance from Broadbean : 60 Km

Spend a day with an elephant in Kerala

Elephants are an important part of the culture of Kerala. There are about 700 captive elephants in Kerala, mostly in the Trichur region. Elephants play a part in important religious ceremonies in Kerala, apart from serving as a pride for people.

With the help of elephant trainers walk along with elephants

Watch elephants relaxing in nature’s adobe

Distance from Broadbean : 60 Km

Watch birds

The lush green surroundings of Kerala are ideal habitat for a large variety of birds. It comes as no surprise then that there are more than 500 different species of birds to be spotted in Kerala.

Watch with an abundance of 500 birds

Accommodation for birders available

Distance from Broadbean : 60 Km

Paragliding in Munnar

If you thought Kerala is all about tranquility and calmness, you are missing out on quite a lot. While in Kerala, you can fly over the majestic hills of Munnar with paragliding.

Feel a bird’s eye view of Kerala, 1600 meters above from the sea level

Provide you better and efficient safety precautions

Distance from Broadbean : 60 Km