Traditional Kerala Sadya

Sadya, in short, is a traditional vegetarian feast that is one among the most favoured delicacies for all the travellers who visits Kerala. According to the tradition of the state, Sadhya is mostly served in banana leaves. With a variety of side dishes its spread could go up to a spread of 28 dishes in a go. Sadya mostly consists of boiled rice, different side dishes, pickles and desserts which are served in a unique pattern. even though it is one of the most common dishes in Kerala, most of the best restaurants and resort would serve the same for the foreign travellers with a number of varied side dishes like Parippu which is followed by South Indian special Sambar, Avial, Thoran, Olan, Upperi, Pappadam, Kichadi which are all mostly served with lime and ginger pickles and lime. When it comes to Sadya, payasam is one of the most beloved desserts in the land. Starting from the local restaurants to the well-known restaurants and hotels serves Sadya as one main dish for the travellers.