The Flavours of Seafood

Kerala being state surrounded largely by unique sand fascinating water bodies, most of the population in the land consume seafood on a regular basis. The availability of fresh materials has made it easier for the people in the state to develop a number of special and very unique delicates. One main attraction of the seafood cuisines in Kerala is that the taste of the food would vary from place to place. No same dish tastes the same in two different cities of the states. Even though most of the seafood prepared is being derived from the menu of different countries, when the spices of the state are being added gives out a completely different and unique taste. Prawns and crab are the two main elements of seafood in Kerala, most of the seafood dishes which are made available in the state include both these components. For travellers to have the best taste of spicy seafood of Kerala it would be the best to choose an accommodation in a hotel or resort which are located to the water destination of the land like the backwaters and the beach destinations.