Snacks in Kerala Cuisine

To south Kerala is one destination with a variety of snack options to stoke your appetite. This is one thing that travellers and foodies love about the state most. Most of the snack varieties offered in the land are perfect fillers which could be had between the main course. One of the added attractions of these snacks is that they are found in almost all the houses in the state. Ranging from sweet delicacies to spicy treats the snacks of Kerala would have a unique texture and flavour that are legendary. To have a taste of these delicacies travellers will have to get down into the streets where the taste would be at its best. Luxury hotels and resorts in Kerala may not serve you with these snacks as they are the flavours of the common man in the state. Aadu Attipathal, Egg Cutlet, Irachi Vada, Finger Prawns, Kerala Banana Dessert, Kottayam Churuttu, Muttamala and Pinjanathappam, Pazhampori (Banana Fritter), Unnakaya, Vattayappam – Kerala’s steamed rice cake and Vishu Kutta- A Festive Special are all the best snack varies that one could taste while in Kerala.