Fish with Chinese Fishing Nets

Kochi is a major port city in Kerala and hence, the queen of the Arabian sea has an array of sights that are not visible in any other parts of India among which the first remains the Chinese fishing nets. Fort Kochi Beach is where the nets spread out to 20m facilitating a huge catch of fish. A number of fishermen are indulged in functioning it who sell the catch to the local vendors or to the customers reaching to the place.

Activity Description

The view of the ropes being pulled on to grab the drawn nets is where the enthusiasm of the fishermen can be seen. It is believed that a Chinese explorer who had been to Kerala had introduced the people to this invention. The Chinese fishing nets make the best subject in the photographs due to which it remains the most photographed sight in Kochi. In fact, it is a major attraction in the destination and mostly, the first stop of the visit when on a tour through the Kochi. Other than at Fort Kochi, Chinese fishing nets are also located at Vypin Island.