Treat your taste buds with the flavours and spices of Kerala cuisine

Flavours and Spices have always been an indispensable part of Kerala's history. The food offered in the land is a perfect example of a true blend of flavours and spices which is loved and explored by people from all over the world. Being one of the best travel destinations to the south it is not the beauty of the valleys and the lush greenery of the plantations that grabs the attention of the travellers to the land. The spices and the different traditional cuisines of the land also attract travellers, mainly food lovers and food travellers to a greater extent. There are even travellers who trip to Kerala to just explore the different traditional cuisines in the land. Considering the increasing demand for Kerala cuisines among the overseas travellers and tourist, now most of the resorts and hotels in Kerala have an in-house restaurant offering the travellers with cuisines of different varieties and taste from the land. Most of the travel destinations in Kerala are located in remote areas where there would be no much availability of restaurant or eateries thus most of the cottage, resorts and hotels like Broad Bean in Munnar offer food services with the best quality. One main attractive element of Kerala cuisine is that it is been divided our classified into different categories depending on the time at which the food is had and the type of food. Listed below are some of the main classifications of cuisines available in Kerala.

Traditional Kerala Sadya

Sadya, in short, is a traditional vegetarian feast that is one among the most favoured delicacies for all the travellers who visits Kerala. According to the tradition of the state, Sadhya is mostly served in banana leaves.

The tasty Malabar cuisines

Winged on both sides by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, the Malabar regions in Kerala are one place in the state which offers the food lovers with one of the most fascinating treats of cuisines.

The flavours of seafood

Kerala being state surrounded largely by unique sand fascinating water bodies, most of the population in the land consume seafood on a regular basis. The availability of fresh materials has made it easier for the people in the state to develop a number of special and very unique delicates.

Snacks in Kerala Cuisine

To south Kerala is one destination with a variety of snack options to stoke your appetite. This is one thing that travellers and foodies love about the state most. Most of the snack varieties offered